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Let MRES install a Reacton Fire Suppression System on your construction equipment.

Watch this video to see how this amazing systems works.

MRES is a leading company specializing in the installation of Reacton Fire Suppression systems for heavy machinery, with a particular focus on safeguarding equipment during heat waves.

As temperatures rise to extreme levels, the risk of fire incidents in industrial settings intensifies. MRES recognizes the urgency of providing effective fire protection solutions tailored to combat the unique challenges posed by scorching temperatures.

With their expertise in Reacton Fire Suppression Systems, MRES ensures that heavy machinery, such as construction vehicles, agricultural equipment, and mining machinery, are equipped with state-of-the-art fire suppression technology. By incorporating advanced heat detection and rapid response mechanisms, MRES helps industries mitigate the devastating impact of fires in extreme heat, ensuring the safety of both personnel and valuable machinery.

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