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Internal Transport

Groeneveld-BEKA has the right solution for any transport application: truck fleets, forklift trucks, and many other types of equipment. Greensight is often used for internal transport. For larger forklift trucks, Groeneveld-BEKA has a range of compact automatic lubrication systems.

Safety Support Systems

In internal transport, accidents are waiting to happen: there are blind corners in the warehouse, packed outdoor areas, personnel on site, and high racks obstruct the field of vision. The Greensight obstacle detection and camera systems offer an excellent solution for increasing safety. Here are the benefits:

- Reduced risk of accidents

- Improved uptime

- Reliable operation


Recommended Systems


The following safety systems will effectively increase the safety of forklifts:


Greensight Radar

- Radar warning system

- Pedestrian detection camera system 

- Improved safety around the machine

- Less risk of damage and personal




- Increased safety

- Lower fuel consumption

- Lower maintenance and repair costs

   for brakes, engine and tires


Automatic Lubrication Systems

Larger forklift trucks have a great number of lubrication points. In order to ensure optimal lubrication, avoid time consuming/inefficient manual lubrication and unplanned down time, Groeneveld-BEKA has several high-end lubrication systems. Here are the benefits:

- User-friendly and tailored to the specific industry.

- Improved productivity, resistant against dust, dirt and environmental influences.

- Grease spreads better across the surface because lubrication takes place while the moving parts are in operation


The following Groeneveld-BEKA automatic lubrication systems are highly suitable for use in the internal transport sector:


MultiLine AC

- Designed for self install.

- Longer service life and reduced repair

   and maintenance costs.

- Improved uptime



- Easy handling

- Rugged and compact

- For different cartridge types


Groeneveld Singleline

- Optimum lubrication and sealing of

   all points.

- Easy to install and extend.

- Quality of the grease is preserved with

   low work pressure.

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