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Company Values


Mission Statement

To be a world class provider of world class people and products to world class customers. To be the first choice supplier to the industries we serve, providing the products and services that will increase their safety, environmental, and returns.


Company Vision

To be entrepreneurial by providing beneficial products and services that best meet our customer needs and are within our capabilities. Through stewardship and service develop a long standing sustainable company for our customers, employees, and communities well into the future.


Company Values

PEOPLE– We believe that people are important and have purpose including our employees, customers, vendors, organizations, and communities. People make it happen. It is our desire to keep them safe and invest into their futures. To learn from each other while continually bettering the lives around us.

HONESTY– We believe that truth is the best salesperson. Honesty should be evident in the way we represent ourselves and our company. Teamwork requires us to be honest if we want to succeed. There should be no difference between our personal lives and our business lives.

INTEGRITY– We desire what is right and strive to do so by not compromising on our morals, ethics, and quality. We know we have been blessed and therefore look forward to success in others. Through stewardship we see growth as a result and not just a goal. Integrity expresses gratitude.

RESPECT– We believe everyone is significant and can add great potential. We should only treat others as we want to be treated, we need each other. Our business, our customer’s business, and our vendor’s business matters and mutual respect will build relationships, companies, and better communities. Respect opens the mind to understanding.

ENVIRONMENT– We believe it matters. We should care for this beautiful place as we would our own garden. We can benefit greatly from what it provides but should not take it for granted. We believe in healthy people, healthy property, healthy business, and healthy communities.

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