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Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions is dedicated to providing the very best installations and service of Automated Lubrication Systems for your mobile heavy equipment and transportation fleets. In addition, we also provide the same valuable turnkey solutions on your fixed plant and industrial equipment. We are the Distributor for Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions in multiple states including Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming. For over 40 years, Groeneveld has been one of the world’s leading and most reliable solutions manufacturers of Automated Lubrication Systems, Active Safety Systems, and IT Solutions.

Providing the best product for NLGI-2 grease applications, the Groeneveld Twin and Twin XL dual line parallel systems are the premier choice for mobile applications. For most transportation applications, the SingleLine EP0 is unmatched, and for both stationary and mobile Onboard Oil Management, the Groeneveld Oilmaster reigns supreme.


Active and Passive Safety for equipment can be best explained this way. Active notifies and Passive is monitored. As an example, the back up alarm on your wheel loader notifies people that you are in reverse, while the mirrors allow you to see what is in their view. Many times, we can marry the two together for optimal results.

Because of the vast amount of application differences, we represent multiple technologies by many manufacturers for Vision, RFID, Radar, White Noise Directional, Ultrasonic, and onboard Equipment and Impact Management. Vision systems with a single camera, multiple cameras, infrared, wireless, or LWIR and SWIR are offered and supported, and are often integrated with other technologies such as radar and ultrasonic. We represent the best manufacturers in the world such as:

- Claitec Active RFID Systems

- Orlaco Vision and Radar Systems

- Preco Radar and Vision Systems

- Groeneveld Greensight Ultrasonic and Camera Systems

- Brigade White Noise Directional Warning Systems


A+ Certified Systems

High performance vehicle fire suppression systems.

Reacton's vehicle fire suppression solutions deliver the highest performance while ensuring the ultimate durability and longevity. Often, a number of the systems on the market carry little or no third-party certification. This often makes purchasing these systems questionable as performance and longevity are not tested. 

Our vehicle fire suppression systems, certified to P-Mark SPCR183 & P-Mark SPCR199, are designed and tested to meet the most demanding conditions. Recent updates to SP Method 4912 now show system performance as a score from A+ to E. It’s no surprise that Reacton's P-Marked systems are all A+.

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Both the correct level and quality of your engine oil is key for proper functioning of the engine. An excessively high oil level will lead to increased oil and fuel consumption. In contrast, a low oil level can ultimately cause serious engine damage. Additionally, contamination decreases oil life and indirectly engine life.

By clicking on the products below you will find out how Groeneveld can be of service. Please, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Why Choose MRES

Mobile Heavy Equipment...

On and Off Highway, Industrial and Engineering are just a few of the industries Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions serve. Learn about the products we offer.

With our responsibilities...

as the sole Importer in North America for Claitec Safety Products, MRES Imports is committed to fitting you and your company with the most essential technology out there.

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Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions became the leading Heavy Equipment Lubrication distributor among the industry.

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