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In Praise Of The Garbage Truck By MRES (And A Quiz).

As the holiday season ushers in increased activity and demands on waste management systems, MRES stands as a crucial contributor to ensuring the efficiency and safety of garbage trucks.

MRES specializes in installing cutting-edge automated lubrication systems and advanced safety sensors, recognizing the pivotal role these trucks play during the holidays. Garbage trucks work tirelessly to maintain cleanliness and sanitation in communities, especially vital during periods of heightened waste generation.

With MRES' expertise in outfitting these trucks with state-of-the-art technology, they reinforce the reliability and functionality of these vehicles, ensuring they can navigate through bustling streets safely while managing the increased load of holiday waste.

MRES's dedication to enhancing the performance and safety of garbage trucks aligns seamlessly with the essential services these vehicles provide, particularly during festive times when waste disposal demands peak.

In honor of the Garbage Truck we give you this short quiz.

  1. When was the first garbage truck invented?

A) 1881

B) 1938

C) 1907

D) 1955

2. Who is credited with inventing the first mechanized garbage collection system?

A) George Dempster

B) Thomas Edison

C) Henry Ford

D) Alexander Graham Bell

3. Which city implemented the first motorized garbage collection system in the United States?

A) New York City

B) Chicago

C) Los Angeles

D) Philadelphia

4. What significant innovation revolutionized early garbage trucks?

A) Hydraulic compactors

B) Electric engines

C) Automated sorting systems

D) GPS navigation systems

5. Which type of garbage truck design became prevalent in the mid-20th century for urban waste collection?

A) Rear loaders

B) Side loaders

C) Front loaders

D) Manual loaders

At MRES We Know Trucks.

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