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In addition to detecting when people are too close to a heavy vehicle, RFID obstacle detection technology is capable of alerting the operator of the vehicle when they are approaching specially marked inanimate objects.  This reduces the chances of an expensive collision between the vehicle and object that could potentially damage both and also result in personal injury. 

The technology is suitable for marking the position of static infrastructure such as pipes, vents, transformers, open pipes, etc… Although these objects do not move around on a work site, they may not be easily visible to the operator inside of a large vehicle, or they may become obscured over time by vegetation.  Serious injury could result if a vehicle were to strike or run over an object such as a pipe or vessel containing pressurized or flammable material.  By marking the location of these objects the RFID obstacle detection system on the operator’s vehicle can warn the operator if their vehicle comes too close to the object. 

Sensor /Antenna Unit

Housed in a rugged and sealed weatherproof enclosure the sensor unit uses its integrated beam-shaping antenna to monitor the area behind the vehicle.  The sensor unit is designed to detect authentic next-generation SCAN~LINK safety apparel and uses a reliable wireless link to relay its information to a display unit located near the equipment operator. 


Display Unit

The durable and compact Display Unit uses both a bright visual display (LEDS) and an audible alarm (adjustable volume) to alert the equipment operator when Armour safety apparel is detected.  The visual display always remains active while the audible alarm is enabled only when the equipment is in reverse.  The Display Unit is linked wirelessly to the sensor/antenna unit and regular self-diagnostic checks ensure that the link to the sensor is present and the system is functioning normally. 


RFID Tagged Vest

Each Armour Safety Vest features a five-way, tear-away VelcroTM design with 14 strategically positioned RFID tags for reliable detection.  These highly visible vests are a bright fluorescent yellow-green color and highlighted with reflective 3M scotchlightTM markings.  Other colors, sizes and configurations are also available.  Made from a durable 100% polyester material the vests are comfortable, lightweight and meet both CSA Z96-02 Class 2 Level 2 and ANSI/ISEA 107-2004a standards. 


RFID Tagged Hard Hat

Combine the vest with the Hard Hat Armour kit which provides another 10 RFID tags to further enhance detection of the wearer. 

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