Safety and Environment

At MRES we are dedicated to providing the safest environment possible for our employees and customers. This extends beyond inside our own facilities and into yours; our valued customer's work site. Our extensive training programs teach our employees how to keep them and our customers out of harm’s way. We follow all MSHA, OSHA, DOT, Regulatory, and Site Specific requirements to the best of our abilities. We provide our own internal Safety Manuals and Policies and we can be found on multiple compliance agency websites.

Safety Culture not just a Safety Class

Safety is one of the greatest priorities when working in any industry. We absolutely believe that, and it is just one of the reasons we represent the products and services that provides those same values to you. Not only do we sell those products and services but we implement them within our own business. We practice what we preach.

At MRES we know that just because we write a policy doesn't mean the risk is gone, we must implement safety into our very culture as people. Understand that we have policies, you have policies, and there are regulatory agencies who have policies. All are important and the job needs to be done, the good news is they coexist.

People are the most valuable asset in any business so keeping our most valuable players safe has to be the number one priority, and making sure that each person comes and goes from work in one piece is just that. Here are a few ways we strive for safety:

        • New Hire Training
        • Pre Job, Weekly, Monthly, Annualsafetyvest.jpg
        • Personal Safety Plans
        • Specific Trained Policies
        • JSAs and SOPs
        • TRACK
        • SDS and GHS
        • PPE, First Aid, Testing
        • Classroom

The Environment Matters

At MRES we believe that safety isn't just avoiding an accident but it must also take into account the environment we all use and live in. This includes the air, land, and water we all, and future generations, could not survive without. Environmental accidents are devastating and anything we can do to avoid them is our concern. Fortunately our industries, which includes you, have pioneered great practices and technologies to protect our planet. We know that literally everything we use is either gown or mined in some fashion but that doesn't mean destroying the earth to eat and surf the web is acceptable. We strive to use the least harmful products, reduce our C02 outputs, recycle more, and use best practices that avoid unnecessary consumption. We teach our employees our policies on environmental concerns through our HazCom Plan, SHEAPs, and personal accountability.

Our products also provide the returns we all need both physical and environmental in many ways, some by:Christmas-Meadows-2.jpg

  • Reducing C02 outputs
  • Reducing waste on all types of consumables
  • Reducing unneeded and expensive travel
  • Reducing slips, trips, falls, pinch points, working at heights
  • Reducing wear on components, vehicles, and machinery
  • Adding value to the people, environment, and balance sheet


Community and Philanthropy 

We at MRES know that a healthy community is the best community and one that we are all part of. Our employees give their time and  efforts to support the areas they live in through contributions, events, and their personal time. This is where we all live and we want to enjoy it with full health, clean environments, and like-minded friends for generations to come. When it comes to Philanthropy we at MRES, have since day one, been honored to give back portions of our efforts to some very special organizations of need. Those include spiritual, medical, educational, and human support networks. It is our pleasure to come aside others at both times of public awareness and times of non-recognition charity.

More Information

If you are interested in learning more about how we achieve our safety goals, please contact our safety manager at for more information. 

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