Refuse and Waste 

So often we just discard whatever it is in either our trash containers or our recycling bins and think nothing more of it. We used it up and were finished, out of site out of mind so to speak. That just simply isn't true. The Refuse and Waste industry is a vital and critically needed industry with ever changing technologies and landscapes. Whether it is picking up hundreds of cans a day with an automated arm, compacting waste in a new cell, making compost out of green waste, or handling environmentally hazardous materials we here at Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions want to do all we can to help. Our experts and products can assist your people with many hazards and tasks associated with your business like:

  • Our unique SCAN~LINK Active RFID System on Compactors and Dozers for Spotters in the cells and yards directing traffic
  • Groeneveld Greensight or Radar on Wheel Loaders for detecting pedestrians and vehicles at drop off areas
  • Vision Systems on all types of Equipment
  • Automated Lubrication Systems on all types of Garbage Trucks, Roll Off Trucks, and Water Trucks
  • Automated Lubrication Systems on Grinders, Wind Row Turners, Bailers, and Construction Equipment
  • Oilmaster on Generators and Pumps

Whatever your need is we are here to help provide a solution to ensure you are not just "throwing away money" so give us a call today, we would love to here from you!

Twin 3 Pump


 Twin 3 XL

        Twin XL


       Oil Master  

XS CompAlube

  CompAlube XS 

SingleLine EP0

 EP0 Single Line 

 Greenlube Greases

GreenLube Grease


  Sensor/Antenna Unit

 Scan~Link Hardhat

  RFID Tagged Hard Hat

 Scan~Link Vest

   RFID Tagged Vest

 Scan~Link Display

 Scan~Link Display Unit

 Greensight with Camera

  Greensight Camera

 Orlaco Cameras Heavy Equipment

  Orlaco Camera System

 Orlaco Crane Systems

   Orlaco Crane Camera

 Preview Plus


 Preview SAS

        Preview SAS