Orlaco Camera System

Camera System

For Orlaco, safety is paramount at all times. There are many blind spots around off road machines, as a result of which the operator has an inadequate field of vision in his immediate vicinity. The ISO 5006 standard states that an imaginary line 1.5 m high and 1 m round the machine must be visible. Orlaco's vision systems will enable you to satisfy the standard.

Crane System-  

The camera provides greater safety as the operator has a better view of the load and is less dependent on the instructions of his contact person on the ground. If, for example, the load should become unbalanced whilst being lifted, the operator will be able to see this himself and take faster action.

Radar Eye-

Traffic is becoming busier and busier, leading to increased safety risks. Drivers are expected to maintain a good view of the situation, as well as arrive at their destination safely, on time and without damage. A camera system can enable a driver to carry out his job more safely, as the risk of overlooking someone or something is greatly reduced.

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