One Plus  one plus 2

The OnePlus automatic greasing system has been specially developed for transportation vehicles, small-sized and mid-size off-road machines, and industrial machines such as lift trucks and sweepers. The system uses #2-grease and features an electrical pump allowing it to be applied in vehicles and machines that do not have a compressed air system installed. OnePlus is a compact system that guarantees cost-efficiency and also reflects the proverbial reliability and performance that have made Groeneveld greasing systems stand out for decades already.

With its great value for money in terms of performance and its uncompromising quality and reliability, OnePlus guarantees a perfect match with the greasing requirements of smaller machines and vehicles. The system ensures that automatic greasing of transportation vehicles and busses, light industrial machines and off-road machines yields a good return on investment, even with a limited number of greasing points. Frequent greasing in metered quantities ensures maximum greasing effect and minimum grease consumption. The benefits: reduced operating costs as a result of reduced maintenance and downtime, as well as increased life of expensive machine components.

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