Oilmaster eliminates the need to manually check and replenish oil on combustion engines in both the on-highway and off-road sectors, as well as in stationary equipment.

This innovative leap in industrial technology has made it possible to ensure problem-free oil management, which results in:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Decreased oil consumption
  • Less downtime
  • Consistent oil quality
  • Lowers negative impacts on the environment

Convenience, Security & Peace of Mind

Adding oil while on the road is inconvenient at best and potentially dangerous in a worst case scenario. It’s also a gurantee that hands are going to get dirty, while schedules may be thrown off. Oilmaster makes this a thing of the past. Major repairs, downtime, and claims due to engine damage are reduced significantly.

Everyone from drivers to maintenance staff and company management benefit from the convenience, increased security and in turn, peace of mind that Oilmaster provides.

Sophisticated Technology

Oilmaster monitors the oil level when the ignition is on and will add oil as necessary, by pumping a small quantity of oil from the integrated reservoir to the engine sump. The automation Oilmaster provides ensures that the engine will run at the perfect oil level at all times. Because this level is often substantially lower than the maximum level mark, businesses profit thanks to the savings Oilmaster generates by ensuring significantly lower oil consumption.

Giving Back to the Environment

With less oil being used, Oilmaster benefits the environment by cutting mineral oil consumption. Being committed to the environment no longer means choosing between that and making a profit.

Oilmaster’s Benefits Sell Themselves

  • Reduced consumption of driver time
  • Reduced oil consumption due to optimum oil level setting
  • Less downtime due to maintenance and repairs
  • Identical oil quality day in and day out
  • No need to keep spare oil in the vehicle
  • Closed oil management system
  • Oil changes require less oil
  • Reduced burden on the environment


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