Mining Industry

There is a saying in the Mining/Quarry Industry and that is "the rock always wins." At Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions our top priority is to provide the safest possible ways for your employees to do their tasks and reducing the costs to produce your products from gold to stone.  We provide lubrication and safety SOLUTIONS at Mines, Smelters, Concentrators, Refineries, Distribution Centers, and all other Plants for:

  • Production and Support Off Road Equipment
  • Cranes
  • Industrial Fixed Plant Equipment
  • Underground Mining Equipment
  • Transportation On Road Equipment
  • Specialty Vocational Highway Trucks

Besides reducing accidents and costs our benefits include:

  • MSHA compliance and better interactions
  • Scheduled maintenance instead of unscheduled
  • Better utilization of large fleets and 24/7 operations
  • Remote location, severe weather, trained personnel
  • Working at heights, slips trips falls, pinch points, lock out/tag out

See the #1 Prevention Tip in Maintenance by MSHA.

MSHA's Accident Prevention Program Letter               

Twin 3 Pump


Twin 3 XL

      Twin XL  

BreakAlube Pump


 Greenlube Greases

Greenlube Grease


   Sensor/Antenna Unit

 Scan~Link Vest

   RFID Tagged Vest

 Scan~Link Hardhat


  RFID Tagged Hard Hat

 Scan~Link Display

 Scan~Link Display Unit

 Greensight with Camera

    Greesight Camera

 Orlaco Cameras Heavy Equipment

  Orlaco Camera System

 Orlaco Crane Systems

   Orlaco Crane Camera

 Preco High Res


Preco/Preview High Res

 WorkZone Preview

    WorkZone Preview

 Preview SAS


    Preco Preview SAS

 Preview Plus


          Preview Plus


Pedestrian Alert System