Commitment to Our Community

The west's Rocky Mountains and Deserts offer some of the best recreation and resources in the nation. Our national parks boast stunning rock formations, snow capped peaks, beautiful beaches, rivers, wildlife, and colors rarely seen. Yet it also carries the unfortunate truth that our air and water quality can be some of the worst in the nation. Recent months have seen a steady increase in environmental initiatives within each state, many of which remain sources of great debate.

Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions is an integral player in industries that are commonly portrayed as being unconcerned with environmental issues. As members of the community working so closely with mining, oil, gas, construction, transportation and more, it is our responsibility to look at air and water quality issues as being serious and in turn, act responsibly. Our industries are as vital as our resources whether we are harvesting them or managing them.

Smart and environmentally responsible in design, as well as in function.

Many pieces of equipment and professional fleets are reliant on oil and gas, however, how the components that service these various applications can help in eliminating excess. We've designed our Automatic Greasing (aka Automated Lubrication) Systems in a way that does just that.

To name just a few benefits of our automated lubrication systems, we can report to the following:

  • A reduced fuel consumption and CO2 output on service vehicles from travel associated to manually grease.
  • Overall less wear and tear on service vehicles because of fewer miles
  • 50% less waste grease (on average) due to over-greasing.
  • Less refuse into our landfills from small package quantities
  • Increases the overall lifespan of equipment and thus, reduces wasted materials.
  • Adheres to the Mine Safety & Health Administration's recommendation that an automatic greasing system is the #1 safety maintenance measure to implement.
  • Increase in worker safety as the amount of personnel that must travel throughout a business' property to manually grease machines and/or vehicles is reduced.

These benefits extend far beyond specific businesses or industries —the reality is that it impacts an entire community (i.e. the reduction in our hydrocarbon footprint by reducing emissions from service vehicles, etc…)

As technology advances, so will industrial applications. To learn more about how our automated greasing systems can benefit your equipment or to discover other ways in which our applications/services may serve your business and your community, reach out to us today.