The standard version of Greensight comes with a CMOS color camera and an in-cab monitor. This CMOS coloGreensight imager camera provides a perfect view, even in strong light, in darkness or in bad weather.  The color camera is available with a viewing angle of 104 ° or 116 ° and with normal or mirror view. This makes it usable for many applications, such as front or side view camera on trucks and buses, or on the back of trucks, earthmoving equipment and forklifts.

The gas-filled camera has a black anodized aluminum housing and can be supplied with a U-shaped or an L-shaped bracket. Because Greensight products are applied throughout the most severe conditions throughout the world, for example in earthmoving or mining, the new camera meets every conceivable CE, DIN and EMC standard. The camera is also certified for ADR applications in transport of hazardous substances.

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