Governmental and Municipalities 

There is one thing for sure and that is that if we didn't have our local state and federal entities so many items we take for granted in this magnificent country would simply go away. Whether it is making sure we have infrastructure for our basic needs, emergency response capabilities, management of our resources, public services, defense, and all others not listed, your group of dedicated service personnel do their best every day to make our lives better. Here at Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions we take pride in working with your entities from small towns and counties to federal establishments by providing the products and services you need to stay running.

We can provide your organization solutions to maintenance and safety in the areas of:

  • Snow Removal Equipment
  • Airports
  • Mass Transportation
  • Refuse/Waste
  • Fire/Rescue
  • Department of Transportations
  • City and County Shops

Our products and services help ensure your equipment and personnel are ready to handle emergencies and budgets. We also provide savings by:

  • Extending life on vehicles
  • Reducing CO2 outputs
  • Reducing waste
  • Increasing the safety of personnel
  • Training of local employees

Give us a call today and see how we can help your specific needs!

Twin 3 Pump


 Twin 3 XL

        Twin XL


       Oil Master  

XS CompAlube

  CompAlube XS 

SingleLine EP0

 EP0 Single Line 

 Greenlube Greases

GreenLube Grease


  Sensor/Antenna Unit

 Scan~Link Hardhat

  RFID Tagged Hard Hat

 Scan~Link Vest

   RFID Tagged Vest

 Scan~Link Display

 Scan~Link Display Unit

 Greensight with Camera

  Greensight Camera

 Orlaco Cameras Heavy Equipment

  Orlaco Camera System

 Orlaco Crane Systems

   Orlaco Crane Camera

 Preview Plus


 Preview SAS

        Preview SAS