EP0 (Single Line)

Automatic single-line O-grease greasing system with a pneumatic or electric pump. Groeneveld supplies the single-line automatic greasing system in a special version for trucks, trailers, buses, forklifts and many other applications. This system greases all greasing points simultaneously, at the right moment and with the correct amount of grease. Because of the regular greasing, vital parts such as the kingpin and the fifth wheel coupling will remain well-greased at all times, so moisture and sand are kept out. Wear of expensive parts is reduced to a minimum without you having to give it a single thought.

The benefits of an automatic greasing system are time gain, no extra service stops, reduced wear, reduced repair costs and greater reliability. Additionally, the follower plate in the Single Line pump unit is a standard feature. It covers the grease in the reservoir.Ep0 Image

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