Construction Industry

The Construction Industry whether its Heavy Civil or General Construction is faced with so many potential problems that proper management is critical. Here at Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions or goal is to eliminate as many of those as we can. Two ways are through proper lubrication and safety. Our team of experts here understand construction equipment and the demands put on it through availability and cost control. We have a very broad base in the fields of:

  • Earth moving equipment- loaders, graders, dozers, excavators, etc.
  • Vocation trucks- dumps, mixers, transports, trailers, water, etc.
  • Paving equipment- pavers, rollers, mills, remixing transfer machines, etc.
  • Batch and Hot Plants, mobile crushers, trenchers

Benefits are not just in increased component life but also include:

  • Reduced potential accidents during maintenance on sites and highways
  • Working at heights on plants
  • Pinch Points, Slips Trips and Falls, Debris in Eye
  • No blind lifts with cranes
  • Greasing even with material buildup
  • Operators and Drivers have less stress when backing or operating and can focus on their tasks

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Twin 3 Pump


 Twin 3 XL

        Twin XL



XS CompAlube

  CompAlube XS 

SingleLine EP0

 EP0 Single Line 

 Greenlube Greases

GreenLube Grease


  Sensor/Antenna Unit

 Scan~Link Hardhat

  RFID Tagged Hard Hat

 Scan~Link Vest

   RFID Tagged Vest

 Scan~Link Display

 Scan~Link Display Unit

 Greensight with Camera

  Greensight Camera

 Orlaco Cameras Heavy Equipment

  Orlaco Camera System

 Orlaco Crane Systems

   Orlaco Crane Camera

 Preview Plus


 Preview SAS

        Preview SAS


Pedestrian Alert System