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Field experience in demolition hammer greasing, important safety features, and high-quality specifications - are the basis of BreakAlube, a new automatic Groeneveld greasing system. All critical parts of BreakAlube can handle the toughest operating conditions, thus warranting high operational reliability and long life.

BreakAlube is based on Groeneveld's renowned TriPlus progressive grease pump. Vital pump parts, including pump element and drive axle bearings, are entirely new developments. BreakAlube can build up working pressures up to no less than 275 bar and can be used with greases up to NLGI Class 2 including additives such as graphite and copper.

How BreakAlube works
Every time the demolition hammer has been operating for 60 seconds, BreakAlube will start a greasing cycle, in which the preset amount of grease is discharged at the demolition hammer greasing point. With the maximum dose, greasing will take 60 seconds.
The quantity of grease, 0.2 cc minimum to 4.0 cc maximum per greasing cycle, can be set in the Digital Control Unit. The quantity will be both highly accurate and even, regardless of the temperature or viscosity of the grease. This is achieved by measuring the number of cycles of the pump mechanism.
A warning light in the cab will alert the operator when grease is low, the reservoir empty, or when a system error occurs. BreakAlube also allows automatic hammer deactivation as soon as proper greasing is no longer warranted (activation upon request).

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