Why Equipment Lubrication is Important

When maintaining your equipment, a few things are probably automatic - such as regular oil changes, tire care, fuel, etc. Sometimes lost in all of this is the need to regularly lubricate the equipment's moving parts.

An article at truckinginfo.com, titled "Don't Take Grease for Granted," lays out a few reasons why lubricating your machines is as important to protecting it as almost anything else. The article gets into a few very specific cases, such as the use of more corrosive de-icers on the highways which, if grease gives out in a truck's U-joints, the corrosive water can get inside its needle bearings and ruin them.

Examples like this one can be found in any industry that uses heavy-duty machinery. But greasing your equipment can be a long, tedious process that cuts down on your mechanics and maintenance personnel's efficiency. Luckily, there are now solutions, such as Automatic Lubrication Systems, that cut out a lot of the human element of greasing machines.

Here at Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions, we are dedicated to helping protect your assets by offering a range of Automatic Lubrication Systems. These systems are installed by our experts in your vehicles and machinery, and automatically keep them properly lubricated. If you have questions, please contact us.     


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