Why Choosing the Right Grease is Essential

Machinery Lubrication


Keeping your machinery regularly maintained and lubed is absolutely critical to keep up effectiveness and longevity. We all know that, that's a given. What sometimes can be lost in these thing we take for granted is the importance of getting the right product to do that maintenance, especially the grease that is used.

Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions lists, on their website, everything that you need to look for in a quality grease and why these characteristics are important:

Good Grease Must be Highly Homogenous

Lubricant grease consists of a soap emulsified with either a vegetable or mineral oil. If the grease is of a high quality, these two elements should not separate - even under the most straining circumstances, such as extremely high heat.

Must Never Change Consistency or Density

Often, grease is put through several temperature changes and it must remain easy to pump through even very thin tubes.

Grease Must Protect

This is the most important thing. If the grease isn't protecting your equipment from metal parts rubbing on each other then it is plainly not doing its job.

Remember, choosing the right lubricant for your equipment is just as important as keeping your equipment lubricated. There is no such thing as too much research and asking too many questions. 



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