What Exactly is an Application? Our Industrial Applications Certainly Won't Help You Land You a Job

Automated Lubrication TruckThe word “application” is tossed around frequently, and across a multitude of industries.  An application could refer to a computer program, like Microsoft Word; or, it could refer to a mobile app for your handheld iPhone or Android device.  An application could be a piece of paper that you submit in hopes of landing a job.  That would be “a formal request to an authority for something.”  However, in our industry, the definition of an application is “the action of putting something into operation.” 

When it comes to safety and engineering, an application is just that, taking something like a Transport Truck, and using it to transport materials from place to place.  The truck can be “applied” to the problem; and, by putting it into operation, we solve the problem.  Here at Mountain Regional, a big part of what we do is distributing Automated Lubrication Systems.  These applications are essential for maintaining the heavy machinery; additionally, there are a variety of these applications that can be applied as well.

If you need a mobile application, we have the Groeneveld Twin and Twin XL, which are the clear cut best products for NLGI-2 Grease Applications.  However, that is specifically pertaining to mobile.  For transport applications, we recommend Groeneveld’s SingleLine.  Lastly, the Oilmaster could be applied to either stationary or mobile.  As you can see, we use Groeneveld a lot, and that's because they're the best in the business.  And, with so much on the line for so many of our clients, we couldn’t possibly offer anything but the best in Automated Lubrication.

Aside from Automated Lubrication Systems, we offer all kinds of safety and engineering applications, as well as Off or On Highway Applications.  This includes everything from agricultural or vocational transport, to emergency vehicles or buses.  An application always has a purpose, and is usually one of the essential components of a job well done.  Need an application for your next job?  We’re here to help.


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