Vocational Transport Equipment: Maintaining Your Local Garbage Truck

Garbage Truck

Garbage day is routine for the average American. Moving your cans out to the street the night before is almost as routine as brushing your teeth in the morning. The process is so standardized that you’d be shocked and befuddled if you discovered that your trash hadn’t been collected on the proper day. Most people don’t even think about the vocational aspect of said process, but the trucks don’t just automatically show up outside your house every week; furthermore, it must be acknowledged that garbage trucks are not invincible machines that never require maintenance.

The short of it is that a garbage truck, like any other Vocational Transport Vehicle, is a vehicle, just like your car. It requires gas and oil changes; and, sometimes they break down and end up in the shop for days on end. Fortunately, almost all communities have extra trucks that are ready for deployment when they are needed. Like cars, the trucks are fixed, and back on the road. However, Vocational Vehicles are unlike standard vehicles (like cars) in that they service a specific function. For example, a cement truck has an ever-rotating chamber on top of the truck that carries the cement. If that brakes, the functionality of the vehicle is lost.

Similarly, a garbage truck must have it’s arms serviced or it will lose the ability to pick up a trash can, thus losing all of it’s purpose entirely. It has been stated that the arm that lifts the garbage bins is usually the biggest problem with maintaining garbage trucks. As of ten years ago, every truck required manual lubrication and greasing that took excessive amounts of time and labor, as the arms require daily lubrication.

These days, automated lubrication systems have taken the place of that manual process; and, that’s part of why you can consistently count on your sanitation department to show up every week. The automatic lubrication process has revolutionized the vocational transport industry by developing a technology to maintain a fleet of Transport Vehicles without the burden of manual lubrication. Need Vocational Transport Equipment? We’re happy to help.


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