The Value of Automation: Lubrication Systems and Oil Management

MRES GroneveldAutomation is now becoming a part of how our society functions on a regular basis.  Smartphones are no longer a "new" thing, new cars now come with automated sensors, and many newly built homes come with automated thermostats, garage door openers, and even smartphone operated refrigerators!  If you head down to your local airport, you will find automated kiosks, vending machines filled with electronics; and, your standard airline pilot will only spend about five minutes controlling the plane while software will take care of the remainder of the flight.  

In the coming years, we will start getting used to self-driving cars, drone delivery service, and vacations taken in virtual reality.  So, why aren't your heavy machines outfitted with automated lubrication and automatic oil management?

The answer is likely a lack of information about the products, or a lack of budget but these products do pay for themselves over the course of a few years, so let's call that lack of information too.  Automated lubrications systems simply deliver specific amounts of lube to various location points of a heavy machine while the machine is operating.  Every time the system detects a shortage of lubrication, it pumps the perfect amount back to the component to ensure optimal functionality.  This ultimately reduces the amount of wasted lube, makes sure all critical points are covered (lowering maintenance costs by preventing breakdowns), lower energy consumption, and a safer and more productive environment for the operator of the machine.

There are very few machines that wouldn't benefit from automated lubrication and automatic oil management.  That's because of the several types of systems that have been manufactured.  One of our manufacturers, Groeneveld, produces everything from a single line, built for trucks, trailers, buses, forklifts and many other applications, to the BreakAlube system, built to for the toughest operating conditions, thus warranting high operational reliability and long life.  

As a complimentary product to automated greasing, Automatic oil management eliminates the need to manually check and replenish oil on combustion engines in both the on-highway and off-road sectors, as well as in stationary equipment.  This has made it possible to ensure problem-free oil management, which results in:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Decreased oil consumption
  • Less downtime
  • Consistent oil quality
  • Lowers negative impacts on the environment

Both automatic oil management and automated lubrication will help to keep operations at maximum capacity, while decreasing product costs and eliminating some of the high-cost maintenance work that usually comes from breakdowns associated with poor lubrication management on a regular basis.

Ready to bring more automation to your life?  It's about time we started having self-driving cars, and it's definitely about time for oil and grease to be managed automatically in our heavy machinery and similar applications.  Ready to get your fleet automated?  Please get in touch with one of our specialists today.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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