The Fast-Growing World of Active Safety


A Billion Dollar Industry

The active safety industry accounted for $1.3 billion in sales in 2013 and, according to Swedish-American automobile safety company Autoliv, that number will double by 2016. There has always been a need for our commutes to be safer but technology is now catching up to demand, and more and more passenger vehicles are coming with features like automatic breaks that help avoid traffic accidents, reverse cameras, messages or sounds to warn of possible impact, and so on. 

What is Active Safety?

There are two types of safety, passive and active. Passive safety is a system that helps to protect after an accident has happened. A good example of a passive system is a seat belt or hard hat. Active systems are in place to avoid accidents. As mentioned above, they are things like cameras and alerts that use a number of different technologies, such as RFID chips and Radar, to function. Where passive safety has been around for a long time in vehicles, and dwarfs its active brother with over $20 billion in revenues - most industry experts agree that the future will lean more heavily on active systems.

Heavy Machinery

Though most of the consumer world is just waking up to these technologies, at Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions we have been helping companies outfit their heavy machinery and vehicles with active systems for a number of years. In fact, we proudly represent some of the best active safety products and companies in the world - products such as Precor's PreView Radar or Scan-Link's Armour systems. Systems like these save companies millions of dollars, while avoiding down time due to accidents. If you would like more information on passive and active safety systems, contact us at Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions.


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