The Environmental Benefits of Our Automated Lubrication Systems and Oilmaster System

Environmental BenefitsToday, President Obama is scheduled to land in Anchorage, Alaska to address climate change and announce new steps to enhance administration collaboration with Alaska natives, the State of Alaska, and local communities.  Climate change is actively threatening the way of life for Native Alaskans throughout the state; and, it may not be long before the rest of the country is in a similar situation.  At Mountain Regional, we are proud of our efforts to help the environment, and we are very proud to offer products that help the cause as well.  In particular, we'd like to highlight our Automated Lubrication Systems and Oilmaster System. 

If increased reliability and lower costs of operation weren't reason enough to invest in both Automated Lubrication Systems and Oilmaster System, the environmental benefits certainly make a case of their own. Let's start with Oilmaster.  The system's sophisticated oil management monitors oil levels whenever the ignition is switched on.  Then, it adds oil only when necessary.  Things can go wrong quickly when oil is changed infrequently, and it can be harmful to the environment when it's changed too often.  Making sure that oil changes occur at optimal intervals reduces oil consumption, reduces waste and CO2 emissions, reduces consumption of driver time; and, less oil is needed when oil is ready to be changed.  Lastly, this means that the oil quality is always identical, and it means less downtime for maintenance and repairs.  The environment will be thankful for Oilmaster, and so will your trucks (and your drivers).

Automated Lubrication Systems may have even more environmental benefits, as lubrication is so essential to all heavy machinery, regardless of size, strength, or location.  Poor lubrication results in costly maintenance and repairs.  In addition to the high costs, maintenance and repairs come with all kinds unnecessary environmental harms including increased CO2 from additional travel and from the use of additional machinery.  Proper lubrication also minimizes waste that contributes to poor environmental conditions.  Automated Lubrication Systems will reduce waste from grease, from expensive parts, shop supplies, and even from the containers they're in.  Plus, they greatly reduce the possibility of contamination to the environment and components by eliminating the possibility of human error.  And, your people in operations have much more pressing challenges to deal with than replacing the grease in their machines.  

Across the board, Automated Lubrication Systems and Oilmaster System benefit both your pockets and the environment at the same time.  They reduce all kinds of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere, and they even reduce the chance of safety accidents to personnel.  Climate change is worth a trip to Alaska for President Obama, and it's worth the utmost consideration from all of us.  


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