The Convenience of Security: Oilmaster

Oilmaster automatic oilBack in the day, heavy machine operators were always having to add oil while on the road.  That necessity would lead to late arrivals, dirty hands, and the possibility of a human error.  Fortunately for drivers today, manual oil management is a thing of the past.  With the arrival of automatic oil management systems, it has become easier to meet schedules and that element of "human error" has been replaced with "don't have to worry about that anymore."  

Our favorite automatic oil management system is Groeneveld's Oilmaster.  It boasts a variety of benefits including: problem-free oil management, reduced maintenance costs and usage, decreased oil consumption, less downtime, consistent oil quality and lower environmental-impact.  Most importantly, Oilmaster provides unmatched convenience, and that convenience comes in the form of security.  With Oilmaster installed, the risk of a major repair is reduced to a minimum, and claims for damage that stemmed from engine damage are also diminished.  

With claims disappearing, and with major repairs becoming few in between, both the maintenance staff and those in management receive that convenience. For those people, a boost in security can be seen as a world class convenience.  That could be argued as Oilmaster's primary benefit.  All of the benefits are ensured using Oilmaster's advanced use of electronics.  Once oil levels are set, the system will automatically monitor the levels using a highly accurate sensor.  And, the sensors will also prevent overfilling of oil, a common culprit when it comes to breakdowns in heavy machinery.

Oilmaster will also store all of information and data to it's electronic memory; so, in the case of excess oil consumption, Oilmaster enables a fast diagnosis.  The benefits are overwhelming, and the only downside is the cost of the product and installation.  That downside happens once, while the savings last indefinitely.  Have any more questions?  Get in touch with us today, and we'll help you increase your efficiency, and provide you with the convenience of security. 


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