The Advantages of Claitec in Warehouse Safety

Warehouse Forklift Safety MRESIt's no secret that the best solution for increasing safety is a focus on prevention.  This applies to driving cars, building campfires, as well as doing construction jobs and running a warehouse with dozens of forklifts, each moving in different directions while pedestrians walk through.  Would you drive a car without rearview mirrors?  Would you start a campfire without water on hand?  Just think what would happen if no one entered a warehouse without a sensor tag that notified every forklift operator that you were active in the area.  There would be a lot less concern and a significant decrease in injuries.

Claitec has a suite of products that were engineered specifically to increase warehouse safety.  Those products include:

  1. Pedestrian Alert System (PAS)The Pedestrian Alert System is a state of the art program that uses RFID sensors to aid in the highest safety practices within areas where your forklifts roam. The Pedestrian Alert System (PAS) cautions the forklift driver when a pedestrian is within a distance of 3 to 20 feet. Which can be adjusted to your needs.
  2. Low Speed Area (LSA)Our Low Speed Area system properly adjusts the speed of the forklift in any given area. These speeds can be set to help within areas where more foot traffic takes place versus places that are primarily forklifts. Equipment with LSA systems automatically identify the area where they find themselves and send a speed limitation signal to the truck.
  3. Hazardous Area (HA)With the Hazardous Area program, you are able to monitor the safety of your employees around certain areas that are deemed more risky, such as the compactor or baler. All operators will carry electronic tags with them. All machines and their respective conveyors will be fitted with detector antennas within adjustable distances between 3 to 15 feet to effectively detect the person carrying the tag.
  4. Traffic Control System (TCS)This comprehensive traffic control system is not dependent on batteries and mobile devices, and operates in a totally passive form. There is a physical separation of pedestrians and forklifts to avoid costly accidents. There are gates that remain locked as the forklift passes through a given zone--to allow for a clear passage for the forklift, and the system includes a warning system for the forklifts as to signal a possible collision in blind spots.
  5. Fall Protection System (FPS) -  When working in and around dangerous machinery that is used to dispose of various materials. We know that taking a chance can be a costly one. With the Fall Protection System, the worker is clasped to a retractable safety device which is anchored to a fixed element.  When a fall occurs, the harness tenses up and the Fall Protection Device detects this tension. This device is also responsible for sending the stop signal to the machine, causing a quick halt to prevent serious injury.
  6. Blind Spot (BS)The Blind Spot solution minimizes any risk of collision between the forklifts and pedestrians in poor visibility areas. This system integrates the use of traffic lights designed to indicate the right of way for both drivers and pedestrians. Both the forklift and the employee are fitted with a personal tag which releases light signals, that are then captured by the traffic light. At that point the light will indicate who has the right of way. 

Each of these products solves a problem that can result in a risky situation that could involve a serious injury.  There are several advantages to the Claitec product line, but they each were created with the same goal in mind: prevent workplace injuries to the maximum extent of our ability.

Ready to get your warehouse outfitted with the Claitec suite of products?  Please contact one of our specialists today. 


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