Smart Safety System Detects People As Opposed to Objects

No doubt the backup camera in your car has be a lifesaver when parallel parking, right? Yet what about a lifesaver when it comes to on road industrial vehicles and people? Unlike your daily driver, you're often unable to see pedestrians as well when you're maneuvering a large piece of industrial equipment. Enter Scan~Link.

Scan~Link Armour Safety System

Scan Link Safety Vest

Thanks to new technology, Scan~Link’s Armour is a backup system that detects people as opposed to inanimate objects. Let's break it down!

How the Scan~Link Armour System works to keep your people safe.

Comprised of three main components —a sensor/antenna unit, a display unit, and a RFID tagged vest, the pieces work together to enable human detection at all times.

1. Armour Safety Vest

The armour safety vest offers a five-way, tear-away Velcro design that has been outfitted with strategically positioned RFID Tags. This enables reliable detection of people in the area. In addition, the florescent color is highlighted with reflective markings to ensure maximum visibility.

Scanlink Sensor

2. Scan~Link Sensor/Antenna

Rugged and weatherproof, the sensor unit has a beam shaped antenna that monitors the area behind your vehicle. The sensor is configured so that is detects the Scan~Link safety apparel worn by your workers, and uses a wireless link to provide its information to the display unit that’s monitored by the equipment operator.

3. Scan~Link Display Unit

Finally, we have the display unit. Durable, yet compact, the display unit uses a bright LED light display, as well as an audible alarm to alert the equipment operator when it detects a person wearing the Scan~Link vest or other Scan~Link safety apparel. The visual display will remain active, but the audible alarm is triggered only when the operator is in reverse.

Scan Link Armour Display Unit

The display unit is wirelessly linked to the sensor and will regularly perform self-diagnostic checks to ensure that the safety system is functioning as intended.

Safety measures save lives.

There you have it —a safety system that detects your workers and not only has the potential to save dollars, but more importantly, lives.

What types of safety measures do you currently employ?


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