Forklift Truck Safety: Pedestrian Alert System

Reducing accidents in the workplace is important no matter what industry you work in.  Constructing skyscrapers might be more dangerous than working for an accounting firm, but every industry is always innovating new ways to ensure the safety of their workers.  One of the innovative safety products that we are proud to offer is the PAS (Pedestrian Alert System) by Cliatec.  The PAS is a solution that detects pedestrians at adjustable distances, and warns forklift truck drivers of impending accidents.

Most people don't associate forklifts with danger, but those people have not been properly informed.  Some of the areas of application for the PAS include: loading and unloading areas for outside drivers, areas with limited visibility at intersections, exits from warehouse aisles, and production lines with little area for movement.  Just like any car or truck, a forklift can weigh quite a bit and it's equally vulnerable to it's blind spots.  In a busy warehouse, a forklift driver must operate his or her machinery without the convenience of traffic lights, stop signs, or marked roads.

The PAS is programmed to detect distances up to 6.5 meters in the front and back, along with side distances of up to 4 meters.  All of the components are rugged, long-lasting, and easy to install.  Additionally, the PAS system works on forklift trucks with up to a 3.5 ton load capacity, and ideal speeds between 6 Km/h and 8 Km/h.  Advantages of the PAS system range from accident reduction and reduction of accident compensation to aid for safer driving and differentiation from other solutions that do not discriminate between obstacles and people.  So, how does it work?

It starts with a single activator, fitted with two LF antennas, flash type warning light, 400 ms response times, and digital outputs for connection to the forklift truck. In addition to the activator, the PAS also comes with antenna verification to regularly check battery conditions, RF control signal for correct communication, and an optional software implementation to track and record employee activity.  Lastly, the system comes with driver tags and personal tags.  As long as both the drivers and the personnel are wearing their tags, fail-safe operation is always enabled.  These tags are where the magic happens.  The two tags are consistently talking to one another to ensure safety.  The personal tag can be worn as a ring, bracelet, or even a karabiner, and it includes a manual notification system to alert drivers that there is a pedestrian in the area. 

At the end of the day, too much safety is always preferable to not enough safety.  The Pedestrian Alert System was designed with nothing but accident prevention in mind, and it drops the risk of accidents between forklift trucks and pedestrians by a tenfold.  We are grateful for Cliatec's desire to increase safety in the workplace, and we are happy to spread the safety into our local communities.  Have any questions about the PAS?  Contact us today, and we'll help you get your operation fitted today!



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