Prevention of Poor Air Quality in Utah and Throughout the Mountain West

Poor Air Quality LubricationYesterday, the Salt Lake Tribute posted about the spike in ozone pollution here in Utah, and the effects are less than ideal.  The month of June has already seen nine days in which the federal air quality standard has been exceeded.  Just this past Saturday, the ozone's PPB (parts per billion) shot up to 102 and there's no relief in sight.  Once the PPB exceeds 100, it becomes dangerous for sensitive groups to be outside.  In most years, this type of weather hasn't shown up until July or August, so the coming months could prove even more harmful to local residents. 

While "mandatory action" may apply to the Wasatch front this week, we wanted to talk about things you, and your company, can do to help the environment and the folks living here in Utah and throughout the Mountain West.  For starters, every piece of heavy machinery can be outfitted with an Automated Lubrication System.  The systems will minimize the effort it takes to properly lubricate anything from a semi truck to a piece of off-road construction equipment.  By reducing effort, the system will reduce the output of harmful emissions during use.  Those unavoidable emissions are an essential part of business operations for some companies throughout the Mountain West, but operations can be optimized to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

In addition to the installation of Automated Lubrication Systems, you can choose particular products that are more conscious to the environment.  For example, even the type of grease that you put into your machines can reduce the effects outputted into the ozone. Groeneveld's GreenLube grease was produced to be environmentally-friendly by being created without the use of any heavy metals, and it's specifically designed to be used in all Automatic Greasing Systems.  Groeneveld is so confident in GreenLube that they will extend the warranty of any Groeneveld AGS when switching to GreenLube.

Even the installation of Oilmaster, which we discussed last week, can significantly help the environmental impact of your heavy machinery.  Oilmaster automatically ensures the optimum oil level and quality under all operating conditions.  The oil levels of heavy machinery do not have to be at a maximum in order for an engine to operate efficiently, and that reduction of oil consumption leads to reduced waste and reduced filter contamination which contributes to lower CO2 emissions being released from the equipment.  As environmentally-friendly as Oilmaster is, it also results in great savings for owners through the same reduction of oil consumption. 

There are dozens of ways we as a community can make small changes in our day-to-day life to look out for public health.  This includes leaving our cars at home.  Carpooling to work, riding your bike, or taking public transportation can limit emissions greatly.  However, for industries that rely on their heavy machinery, you can still optimize your equipment to make it as responsible as possible.  

For more information about weather conditions in Utah, see, and for more information on getting your fleet optimized for environmental protection, contact one of our sales reps today.


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