Oilmaster: Innovation in Environmentally Friendly Oil Management

oilmasterIn short, Oilmaster has been a tremendous innovation in oil management.  The days of manually checking the gauge and topping off the oil at a truck stop while mid-trip are long over, and the days of driver convenience and reduced burden are upon us.  In addition to the efficiency it brings to the driver and the applications, it has also revolutionized our ability to provide an Eco-friendly solution.  Oilmaster monitors oil levels as soon as the ignition is turned on, then it slowly pumps small quantities of oil into the system when necessary. 

Oilmaster has a built-in reservoir, meaning there is no need for the driver to carry spare oil in the vehicle.  Because the oil is monitored so frequently, and due to the fact that oil levels are always optimized, the engines are able to perform at maximum capability with extremely limited maintenance required.  Not to mention, constant oil adjustments also account for reduced oil consumption; and, most importantly, a reduced burden on the environment. 

In past times, many distributors were forced to decide between caring for the environment and turning a profit.  We are very fortunate to declare those days to be over.  The technology is so sophisticated that the automatic system will determine times when the engine requires less oil to run at the same capacity and it will make the necessary adjustments to conserve oil.  Not only does this help the environment, but businesses are more profitable because they are saving dollars in oil efficiency. 

Lastly, vocational transporters can operate with an added security and the peace of mind in knowing that their operations are more methodical.  Drivers lose the danger of stopping to add oil while on the road, and schedules are routinely met as a result.  Major repairs have drastically decreased, and so have maintenance costs.  All in all, this product has drastically innovated the industry, and we are proud to offer the service.  Get in touch with our team to learn more.




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