Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions is awarded the 2017 AGC of Utah Service Supplier of the Year


Last week Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions MRES was honored to receive the AGC of Utah award for 2017 Service Supplier of the Year. This year marked the second time the Association of General Contractors of Utah has given this to Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions. President and Owner Bup Minardi commented that this award put one of his favorite quotes into perspective. "Although we may be measured alone we never get there alone" stating that because of the dedicated team at MRES and all the great customers, vendors, suppliers, partners, and associations like the AGC this award is possible. The following statement was announced during the award ceremony:

Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions (MRES) is honored to receive the award for Service Supplier of the Year a second time by our customers, vendors, and associates in this wonderful industry. To be recognized by friends such as you truly is an amazing and humbling experience.  

We are a customer service driven supplier of automated lubrication, active and passive safety, and maintenance systems for use with all types of Off-Road, On-Road, Industrial, Rail, and Fixed Plant Equipment. Since the very beginning it has been our desire to work side by side with companies of every type in the AGC of Utah and incorporate the AGC principles into our own business model. That intentional focus, a safe and ethical working culture, and respect for people and the environment enabled us to grow our company throughout the western United States and continues today.

Like the AGC of Utah we incorporate the following:

Skill- MRES started out by taking our skills and technologies, an open mind to always learn more, then delivering and implementing those services to our customers as solutions to the problems they want solved. As a member of the AGC we are privileged to share with others the results that are produced by the highly skilled trades personnel this industry provides.

Integrity- We know, and we expect ourselves, that integrity is key not only in business but in our personal lives. This industry and the people within it don’t have room for those who are not willing to develop it. Technology, people, locations, products, they all change but what brings anything to success is the integrity those involved had to see it through.

Responsibility- We could not be successful in this industry just wishing it worked out, we have to take ownership in all that we do. Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions set out to do what we were capable of doing and not representing what we couldn’t. It takes the ethical, technical, financial, and emotional resources to last in this industry and it is critical to the safety and sustainability of our company. The AGC members provide so many great examples.

We thank all the members and staff of the AGC of Utah and look forward to another successful year by your side.


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