Keeping Mobile Heavy Equipment Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly mobile heavy equipmentUnfortunately, Salt Lake City continues to show up on lists of the worst air quality among cities in the US.  Part of that is due to the inversion caused by the proximity to the mountains; but, part of that also has to do with the way people live their lives and the way that industries do business.  Many of the industries that we serve are portrayed as being unconcerned contributors to the pollution problem; however, we are working vigorously toward keeping mobile heavy equipment as environmentally friendly as possible.

Much of the equipment that we work with is reliant on gas and oil to function, so we've designed our automated lubrication systems in a way that eliminate excess waste during the process of servicing the components of the machinery.  In fact, there are several environmental benefits to using our automated lubrication systems, including some things as simple as preventing over-greasing.  Many machine owners will over-grease their trucks due to the fact that under-greasing will lead to very expensive repair jobs.  By implementing an automated lubrication system, the waste produced by heavy machinery is reduced by (on average) 50%.  

In addition to reducing grease-based waste, an automated lubrication system will also reduce both the CO2 consumption and the fuel consumption that is required by operators when they manually grease their mobile heavy equipment.  Just imagine specialized trucks being serviced on the side of the highway, you can image how much time and energy they could be saving from having that process automated.  Not to mention, the safety of those operators must be taken into account as well.  Limiting the amount of personnel that must travel in order to manually grease a machine will be vital in moving toward making these industries more environmentally friendly.

Taking care of the mobile heavy equipment can expand the lifespans of the machinery by years; and, by expanding the lifespans of the equipment, we are reducing the wasted materials associated with getting rid of old machinery.  Five years from now, the world will be dealing with five more years of dead cars, trucks, and machines.  If we can keep machines doing their job, then we can limit the associated waste.  Here at Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions, we are proud of adhering to the Mine Safety and Health Administration's recommendation that an automatic greasing system is the number one safety maintenance measure to put into effect.

Help us fight poor air quality by helping yourself improve your process of greasing your mobile heavy equipment.  Need a little assistance?  We'd be happy to help.


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