Increase Safety, Decrease Costs and Make Your Equipment Last

SpeedLimiter Active SafetyAt Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions, our first priority in transport has always been increasing safety.  As part of that effort, we are proud to offer the Groeneveld SpeedLimiter.  In addition to limiting speed, the system is set up to limit RPMs.  That can prevent engines from over heating, it increases safety for the driver; and, the SpeedLimiter will also help with cost-efficiency.  If the RPMs don't get too high, the lowered stress under the hood will make your equipment last longer.  As a result, you end up with fewer maintenance issues, increased mileage and even the tires and brakes will enjoy the reduced wear and tear.

One of the main reasons why legislative authorities created a maximum driving speed was to lower the the amount of harmful substances from emissions.  In fact, legal provisions, in addition to safety considerations, have consistently been instrumental to the consumption of speed limiters.  One of the many reasons that we distribute Groeneveld is because they have always supplied rpm and speed limiters that meet all international standards and test requirements. 

The Groeneveld electronic speed limiter sets a maximum speed and/or rpm while leaving the engine power fully intact.  The speed limiter operates both smoothly and accurately because of its digital electronic control.  The limiter is even capable of taking into account third party variables like the wind or driving up/down a hill.  In the case of limiting mechanically controlled engines, the EFA limiter motor can both thrust and pull (dual operating). As a result, the driver doesn't need any extra strength to keep the accelerator in the right position. 

At the end of the day, driving with Groeneveld Cruise Control is just more comfortable.  A driver needs only to touch a small dashboard lever to engage the system.  The current driving speed will be maintained, meaning that there's no longer a need to touch the accelerator.  And, for safety reasons, as soon as the brake, clutch, engine brake or retarder is triggered, the Cruise Control turns itself off.

In conclusion, a SpeedLimiter saves fuel costs, and it saves the maintenance and repair costs of brakes, engine and tires.  It provides increased road safety, increased driver comfort, and it reduces the burden on environment.  Any questions?


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