Heavy Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Maintenance

Mobile Equipment Maintenance Heavy VehicleBelieve it or not, tractors, cranes and bulldozers all require regular maintenance.  Ok, you probably believe it, but have you ever considered how they're maintained?  Scheduled maintenance on a bulldozer isn't quite like scheduled maintenance on a Toyota Camry.  Sure, they both need oil changes, regular inspection for malfunctions, and engine testing; however, the Camry's hydraulic system is simple compared to that of a bulldozer, and very few people would refer to any hydraulic system as "simple."

When heavy vehicles and mobile equipment are inspected, there are a lot of variables to keep in mind in order to properly maintain the machines.  In short, this is because a bigger vehicle has more parts, which, unfortunately, means that there are more parts that can go wrong or malfunction.  When a bulldozer goes in for inspection, it can't be brought to a run-of-the-mill mechanic.  Service technicians use diagnostic computers in order to manipulate or repair and maintain the vehicles, then they have a series of specialized equipment and hand tools to address said issues.

The tools used to maintain these larger vehicles can cost tens of thousands of dollars, due to the precision needed for them to function in hard to reach areas.  If a repair is needed, it's not as easy as opening up the hood or sliding an automotive creeper below the undercarriage.  Many times, parts need to be dis-assembled and re-assembled, just so a technician can reach beyond that part.  Fortunately, as mentioned above, we now have diagnostic computers that are capable of making certain adjustments automatically. 

Machines, like people, aren't perfect and they all require maintenance.  When engines and electrical systems are tested, they must meet a very high standard in order to be deemed sufficient for use.  Safety is taken very seriously, and that's why we use a lot of precaution in all of our work here at Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions.  We provide nothing but the best in Automatic Oil Management, Automated Lubrication Systems, and more.  Have a question?  One of our professionals is ready and waiting to hear from you, so feel free to call.


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