Happy Holidays from Your Favorite Equipment Solutions Provider

Happy Holidays

Safety, Service, and Solutions comprise our business during all twelve months of the year; but, this month, we want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season.  It's been a very exciting year for the MRES team, and we have big things in store for 2015.  We'd like to thank our entire customer base for helping us grow, and we are committed to improving ourselves in an effort to help you thrive.  

Working with Groenveld, we will be rolling out new products and we will start servicing a greater radius as we expand further into the mountain region.  Whether you need, automated lubrication, a safety system, or just some maintenance products for use with your mobile heavy equipment, we are happy to accommodate with the best service in the business.  High quality service has helped us to get where we are, and we won't forget that moving forward.  In fact, through all of the years, our mission has remained the same:

“To be a world class provider of world class people and products to world class customers. To be the first choice supplier to the industries we serve, providing the products and services that will increase their safety, environmental, and returns.”

This is who we are, and who we will continue to be.  Once again, to those who have hired us over the years, thanks again for your business.  And, to the rest, we'd love for the opportunity to address your needs and earn your business.  Happy holidays to all, and to all a wonderful New Year!


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