Groeneveld Solutions Featured at Busworld Exhibition in Europe

OilmasterBusworld, the worlds largest international bus and coach exhibition, is held every other year in Kortrijk, Belgium, and features the most innovative technology and environmental safety advances in the transportation industry.  This year's event was held from October 16th-21st, and Groeneveld was there featuring everything from the Oilmaster, an advanced oil management system, to their premier automated lubrication systems.  Automated lubrication and oil management have become common place among bus and coach companies world-wide, as the long-term benefits continue to prove themselves to be worth the investment year-over-year.

Both product options help bus and coach companies achieve higher fleet efficiency by reducing consumption, minimizing breakdowns, and removing most of the costs associated with the manual labor that comes with lubrication.  In fact, many of the buses displayed at the exhibition were already outfitted with a suite of Groeneveld products.  One of the major concepts at the exhibition was Sustainable Mobility, and that's one of the many things that make Groeneveld's products stand out, and one of the reasons we are so proud to represent them here in the American Southwest.

CompAlube Managing oil levels in buses and coaches is not an easy task.  Without the implementation of an advanced system like Oilmaster, daily oil checks must take place during operation, even though modern combustion engines use minimal engine oil.  Because most buses are in constant operation, tasks like cleaning, refueling, and daily checks can absorb all available time, and a proper oil checks can be one of the tasks that gets left out.  This is one explanation as to why the global demand for the Groeneveld Oilmaster continues to grow.  Transport operators all over the world are seeing evidence that, over the course of a few years, their competitors are seeing ever increasing returns on their investments.  Oilmaster takes the place of oil level checks, topping off engine oil, and also registers consumption levels in an electrical control unit which allows for preventative maintenance.

Within the transportation industry, the perfect counterpart to Oilmaster is the CompAlube, an automated lubrication system that was engineered to accommodate modern bus applications with minimal greasing points.  CompAlube was designed to be compact without compromising the functionalities provided by larger greasing systems.  The system has integrated the pump, metering units, grease reservoir, and the electrical control unit into a single unit.  This allows for easy installation and lower upfront investment costs.

For more information on Busworld, see their website here. For more information on getting your fleet of buses and coaches fitted with oil management and automated lubrication systems, get in touch with one of our specialists today


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