Getting Your Heavy Machinery Prepared for a Strong 2016

20162016 is now upon us, and it's time for all of us to make our resolutions, and ensure that we are prepared to achieve our goals for the coming year.  Whether your goal is another year of continued success, or to take your organization to the next level, the journey starts with an organized plan.  Among the many things you will have to review and evaluate, your equipment will be a priority.  A NASCAR driver won't accomplish any goals with a run down car, and a transportation company is dead in the water with busses that won't run.  That's why NASCAR drivers will make sure their cars are outfitted with proper lubrication and greasing systems that will allow the cars to perform at optimal performance levels.  And, the transportation companies out there will do the exact same thing.

Regardless of the industry, any piece of heavy machinery can be made to be more efficient through added automation and preventative maintenance.  Automated lubrication systems are the perfect place to start.  With markets becoming increasingly competitive, lowering operational costs can be essential for a company to make the most out of the resources available.  The addition of an automated lubrication system will stretch out service intervals, and help to avoid unexpected and extremely costly breakdowns.  When a machine breaks down, there is the cost of the repair, plus the loss of productivity; and, with heavy machinery, there can even be costs associated with transporting the necessary repair equipment to where the repair would take place.  The installation of an automated lubrication system may seem like a big investment up front, but when you calculate the dollars saved over the course of a few years, the decision becomes a sure thing.

Twin 3 PumpIn addition to automated lubrication systems, products like Oilmaster and active and passive safety systems will also pay off big time in preventing unnecessary down time and lowering operational costs.  Automatic oil management eliminates the process of manually checking and replenishing oil on combustion engines.  That saves time and decreases margin of error.  And, that applies to everything from stationary equipment to on-highway and off-road sectors.  The innovations in oil management technology have resulted in several benefits including:

  • Reduced oil consumption due to optimum oil level setting
  • Less downtime due to maintenance and repairs
  • Identical oil quality day in and day out
  • No need to keep spare oil in the vehicle
  • Oil changes require less oil
  • Reduced burden on the environment

Oilmaster's benefits sell themselves, and will surely help your company accomplish those goals.  Similarly, active and passive safety systems will serve as a preventative measure that will continue to pay for themselves as time passes.  They will prevent driving collisions, prevent on the job accidents; and, as a result, they will keep down time to a minimum.  There is nothing more important than safety while on the job, and there is no amount of money that would compensate for a life-threatening injury.

2016 has the possibility to be the greatest year yet for your organization!  Making sure that you're prepared will likely make or break your dreams of achievement, so make sure that you're ready to get the year off on the right foot.  For more information on getting your fleet outfitted with new technology, contact one of our specialists today.


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