Featured Automated Greasing System: Twin

Automated Lubrication System TwinKeeping your vehicles in top condition is a priority, and that's why we offer several automatic greasing system options for both transport and off-road vehicles. One of those systems is the dual line Twin system, which is mostly used in vehicles that must continue to operate under severe conditions for longer stretches of time. Twin ensures that the availability of the vehicles is not endangered due to unanticipated problems as a result of poor lubrication. It's ensured thanks to Twin's guarantee that all pivoting points that need lubrication are constantly greased.  

This state of the art greasing system will accurately grease every lubrication point of your machine; and, in the case of any malfunction, the system self-checks and alerts the operator.  The automated lubrication system will drastically reduce downtime, and the loss of time due to maintenance.  And, as a result, you will end up with a higher return on investment from your equipment as the lifespan of each machine is increased substantially.  Every time a lubrication point is missed, a breakdown is that much more likely to occur.

Similarly to a few of our other systems, Twin's standard pump equipment features a follower plate system.  The plate follows the grease level, and it prevents the oxidation of the grease as well as the funneling of the grease within the reservoir, which can be a major cause of concern.  While that is happening, the reservoir wall will remain clean, and the actual level of grease can be seen immediately. The Twin is excellently suited for use with biodegradable greases because of this follower plate.

The Twin is a Dual Line 2-grease system and it's fully monitored.  It consists of a main line network with metering units, a secondary lines network with access to the greasing points, and a plunger pump.  For specific applications, the user is able to use the selection switch to set the best possible interval between greasing cycles.  The grease moves to the metering blocks through the main lines while the pump automatically switches off as soon as the pressure in all metering units has reached a minimum of 100 bar.

The biggest advantage of using this particular system is that every single greasing point, including the ones that are furthest away from the pump, will all receive the specified amount of grease at full pressure.  Other advantages of using an automated lubrication system include: a fully monitored system with memory, diagnosis, and check light/display, lower maintenance costs and down time, temperature-independent metering, and easy to follow kit mounting instructions.   The sooner you get started, the sooner you increase the efficiency of your machines.


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