Do Automated Lubrication Systems Really Save Thousands in Maintenance Costs?

Less downtime and increased production
Less maintenance means less down time. Less down time means less production loss. For example, to lubricate a chassis manually it takes about 30 minutes, and drum roller bearings can take 15 minutes. Multiply that by the number of machines that need that servicing done each week or each month, and you can quickly be looking at 100+ man hours. What if your personnel could spend that 100+ hours each week or month, (depending on the number of machines,) doing other things? What is an extra 100 hours of production worth to your business?

Automated Lubrication System Twin XL

Substantial reduction in maintenance and replacement parts costs

The reality for most equipment owners is that machines are not being inspected and lubricated regularly. And then when they are, they are often under or over lubricated. This means machines go too long between lubrication, which causes more wear on the machines. And then when they are lubricated, they are not done at the proper levels, causing even more wear.

With an automated lubrication system, machine owners can see up to 75% reduction in replacement parts. When you are lubricating components regularly, you increase the life of those components significantly. The greatest cause for needing to replace parts is due to poor lubrication, causing greater wear and breakdown of components. What would 50% reduction in replacement parts mean for your business? How about 75%? It is very common for this level of cost reduction for businesses who implement automated lubrication systems. And of course, when components break down, someone must be paid to replace them. So you have to realistically estimate your costs in replacing parts, both in the cost of parts and labor. This alone can mean thousands in savings. 

Savings on manual lube jobs

Have you ever thought about your costs on manual lube jobs over a year period? How about 5 years? On just one truck, for example, that can be 30 lube jobs over a 5-year period. Times that by the number of trucks your company operates, and what would that savings be worth to you? 

As you can see, automated lubrication systems can not only save you thousands of dollars, they can pay for themselves in under a year, and generate a sizeable ROI over the following years of use. I’m not sure about you, but this sounds like a no brainer to me.  

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