Construction Worker Shortage: Technology More Important Than Ever Before

Mobile Heavy Construction EquipmentThe good news out of the construction industry is that there are more jobs than ever before.  Unfortunately, the correlating bad news is that there aren't enough people to fill said jobs.  According to the AGC (Associated General Contractors), a lot more workers are leaving the industry compared to those entering.  As a result, contractors are having to take on jobs where they have a higher spend or they have to work with more inexperienced crews.  The end result is lower levels of production, as additional time needs to allocated toward teaching safety.

The labor shortage has been chalked up to a variety of reasons, including the notion that there is a lack of interest in the construction field.  Kids in high school are being warned not to go into construction because there won't be work when the next recession hits; however, many skilled workers in the industry are now starting to make six figure salaries as a result of the demand.  Many of the local construction companies here in Utah are trying to make pushes back into high schools to steer kids back into joining the industry.

Until the workforce starts to shift back into construction, the industry is starting look in the direction of technology.  While they can't control the amount of workable hours they'll get from sub-contractors, the construction companies can control the efficiency of their equipment.  Automated lubrication systems, for example, will prevent companies from having to manually oil their machines.  The systems will also ensure that all points get hit, which reduces maintenance time.  The systems will also reduce potential accidents during maintenance on sites and highways.

Just like with most technology, automated lubrication systems were engineering to free up workers to do what they do best: get the job done.  With the market for labor being stretched so thin, it's more important than ever for construction companies to rely on their technology to make sure their deadlines are still getting hit.  If a bulldozer breaks down on the job, you now have to allocate resources toward fixing the heavy machinery, and that's time that the bulldozer can't assist with the job.  Time is of the essence without a skilled workforce, and technology has the capability to free up time.

Are you having trouble hiring for construction jobs?  Are you still spending too much time manually maintaining your fleet of mobile heavy equipment?  It's probably time to invest in something that allows the skilled workers you have to work more efficiently.  To discuss getting your fleet outfitted with the latest in automated lubrication technology, contact one of our specialists today.


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