Choosing the Right Automated Lubrication System for Your Equipment

MRES Groeneveld TwinWhen buying a car, most consumers will do their homework.  That includes considering things like price, functionality, durability, and fuel costs.  Each individual will prioritize different criteria, and that's why the global market has so many different cars to choose from.  A buyer concerned with fuel costs might opt for a Japanese vehicle, while a consumer who values sleek and modern functionality might look for a European car.  At the end of the day, there is a car for every driver.  

Similarly, there is an automated lubrication system for every piece of heavy machinery.  When buying an automated lubrication system, most consumers will also have to do their homework, as not all automated lubrication systems are created equally.  For example, the Groeneveld SingleLine is an excellent system.  It's pressure control valve maintains the preset pressure in the system, through the entire lubrication cycle.  The SingleLine is a fantastic option for transport applications; however, heavy machinery in the industrial and agricultural sector, which require pressures of at least 1500 psi, need a more heavy duty system.  That would be a job for the Twin, which utilizes an integrated electronic control unit to start up the plunger pump at the program-controlled interval time.

Sometimes even the Twin doesn't have a large enough capacity to get the job done.  For manufacturers and users of earth-moving and construction equipment to properly lubricate their machines, the Twin-3 XL meets the demand by working under relatively little pressure, which retains the quality and structure of the grease.  In fact, there are many lubrication systems that are built for particular equipment or conditions.  The CompAlube was designed specifically for the tandem-trailer market.  It's two kilogram reservoir and exchangeable, sealed plastic grease cartridge, accounts for no-mess refills, and it can handle up to 19 grease points.  On the other end of the spectrum, the BreakAlube system can handle the toughest operating conditions, thus warranting high-operational reliability and long-life.  Field experience in demolition hammer greasing, important safety features, and high-quality specifications are the basis of the BreakAlube system.  

There truly is a car for every driver, and there is definitely an automated lubrication system for every piece of heavy machinery.  No matter what you're operating, and no matter the difficulty of the operating conditions, we have the right greasing system for you.  For more information, please contact one of our specialists today.


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