Automatic Maintenance for the Bus & Coach Industry

Unlike many of the industries that we serve, the bus and coach industry is directly responsible for transporting a number of people at any given time.  This makes down time especially difficult, due to the fact that any breakdown directly impacts the day-to-day lives of anyone who's schedule was created in accordance with the transportation.  Be it a city bus, a cross-country touring coach, or the airport shuttle to the economy lot, a breakdown could result in unnecessary operational costs, unhappy patrons, and a poor company image.  To ensure that standstills are kept to the bare minimum, we are proud to offer a line of solutions that are suited to keep buses on the road.

Buses and touring cars have to continue to ride despite long maintenance intervals in addition to a series of very strict emissions requirements. Gauging and refilling motor oil on a daily basis can be crucial to the operations of the vehicles.  The Groeneveld Oilmaster was designed specifically to take that concern out of the equation.  By ensuring that the correct oil level is constant, and by preventing the wrong type of oil from being added, the Oilmaster is able to maximize efficiency; and, as a result, it actually lowers oil consumption, improving the environmental output in the process.

With oil in check, the remaining variables include the greasing of the buses, as well as addressing the potential safety precautions that can be put into effect for the protection of both drivers and passengers alike.  Bus drivers must have a certain skill set and courage to navigate through a busy city, and we provide an active safety tool that works with a combination of ultrasonic sensors and camera detection to give the driver a clear view of any obstacles in it's path.  The Greensight system gives the driver the maximum amount of information, allowing he or she to more effectively do their job.  

The drivers have enough on their plate with operating these large vehicles, so things like maintenance and safety should be made as easy as possible to ensure that services are efficiently delivered.  Even the lubrication to all greasing points can be automated to keep vehicles on the road for longer spans of time.  With so many variables out of the drivers control, it's important to make sure that everything that can be controlled is in control.  To learn more about maintaining your fleet or to learn more about individual products, we'd be happy to help.



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