Smart Oil Management: The Must-Use Product for Increased Efficiency and Decreased Expenses

OilmasterTime is money. It may be cliche, but cliches become such for a reason. In the case of engines and machine parts, it's important to check and replace the oil regularly, but how much time would you estimate your workers spend on this task?

A numbers breakdown on manual oil management.

Let's (generously) say that on basic vehicles, manually checking the oil may take 2-5 minutes. If you need to add oil, the time is likely to increase. Although 2-5 minutes doesn't seem like much time, if it's something you do daily, it adds up. Over the course of 12 days, you've spent an hour manually checking oil. If you do it daily for an entire year, you've spent 30 hours on oil management.

If your fleet relies on diesel or petrol engines, checking and replenishing the oil necessitates a daily commitment. Making it more stressful is the brewing worry about how it's being done, if it's being done, if it's being done correctly and so on. It too comes with a very real cost. Problem-free oil management may sound too good to be true, right? On the contrary, new, innovative oil management solutions such, as the Oilmaster and others, do just that.

What are the benefits of an automatic oil management product?

There are many benefits to automatic oil management for both the on-highway and off-road sectors, as well as stationary equipment. A few benefits of allowing Oilmaster or other oil management products to handle the very real need of checking and replenishment between oil changes include:

  • Decrease in oil consumption
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Consistent oil quality
  • Decreases down-time
  • Increase in efficiency

The bottom line...

Depending on your application, daily oil management may not be on your agenda, but let's be honest: of all the things you need to consider in managing a business, does anyone really want to dedicate what amounts to nearly a full work week on just oil management? Probably not.

To learn more about Oilmaster and how to maximize the efficiency of your fleet (or if you just really want to say hi?) contact us —we're happy to help you weigh your options.


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