Automatic Lubrication Systems for the Construction Industry

Automated Lubrication Systems for the Construction IndustryThe construction industry is, for the most part, dependent on heavy machinery in order to get a job done.  In addition to Back Hoes and Dump Trucks, construction companies use loaders, excavators, rock trucks and several other pieces of equipment that are needed to construct most of anything.  And, just like any other machine, they need to be serviced in order to stay running at full capacity. 

That's where Automated Lubrication Systems come into play.  Every one of those Back Hoes needs to be lubricated; and, thanks to advances in technology, they are best suited to one of our premier Automated Systems.  In addition to the construction equipment, the associated transport vehicles also need lubrication since the majority of construction projects require at least a small amount of travel.

Frequent lubrication is not only vital to the life of your pins and bushings, but it also reduces wear by maintaining proper lubrication film.  And, staying frequent with manual lubrication can be a burden on a construction company.   Bad weather, logistics, or any number of things can prevent daily manual lubrication for a construction company, while an automatic lubrication system increases productivity for the construction industry and for all industries that require heavy machinery.

Construction Industry Automated Lubrication SystemsWe have separate automated lubrication systems for separate types of machinery, and we recommend the Groeneveld Twin for mobile applications.  For transportation applications, we recommend the SingleLine EP0, also made by Groeneveld.    We carry additional brands; but, based on our years of experience, we have found Groeneveld's products to be superior.  In construction, having your heavy machinery break down simply can't happen if a job is to be completed on time, and that's why we're here to keep you up and running.

Automated Lubrication Systems for the Construction Industry can lower the cost of improper lubrication, reduce the labor hours of manually lubricating daily, and ensure that down time is kept to an absolute minimum.  Want to learn more about how your construction company can benefit from an automated lubrication system?  Give us a call today.


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