Active Safety Solutions for the Trucking Industry

Greensight Active Safety from GroeneveldFortunately for the common highway driver, trucks these days can be wired to actively engage in a way that ensures the safety of both the truck driver as well as the safety of any vehicles, people or obstructions in the proximity of the truck.  The technology used by the trucks is called an Active Safety System.  The word, "Active," referring to the fact that the system will actively monitor the trucks' surroundings and notify the driver if there is an obstacle that could lead to a dangerous situation. 

So, how does an Active Safety System work?  Let's take a look at the Groeneveld Greensight System.  It provides the truck driver with information about the space behind, beside, and in front of the vehicle, using a CMOS colour camera, and an in-cab monitor, that comes standard with the Greenlight.  That gives the driver a complete view of the scenario surrounding his or her vehicle, allowing him or her to increase safety while operating their truck. A truck driver making a difficult right turn or reversing in a high traffic area can benefit tremendously from a system that provides in-cab alerts. 

The system is designed to both reduce damage to the truck, and to prevent accidental injuries.  It accomplishes that with a linked colour camera that consistently provides a clear display when faced with strong light, darkness, or bad weather.  When a truck changes into reverse, Greensight automatically activates itself and performs a self-test within seconds.  The system will also activate if the driver activates his or her indicator, like in the example of a sharp right turn where the blind spot of a truck is especially risky.

Trucks and Active Safety System

At Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions, we're dedicated to reducing the number of preventable truck-related accidents and injuries.  The best way to deal with an accident is to not have one in the first place, and that's why we are proud to carry and offer the Greenlight by Groeneveld.  To learn more about Active Safety for your business, contact one of our professionals today.


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