Accident Prevention and Safety with Automated Lubrication

Mine Safety and Health AdministrationThe Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), an agency of the US Department of Labor, has been 'protecting miners' safety and health since 1978.'  Throughout the years, the MSHA has researched and released a multitude of safety ideas in an effort to prevent fatal accidents and to to reduce the frequency and severity of nonfatal accidents in the mining industry.

Of all of the MSHA's ideas, we'd like to highlight the Accident Prevention Program with regard to Lubrication Systems.  Even though it was released back in April of 2002, all of the information is still pertinent today and it deserves attention for the sake of safety.  The concept behind the idea is that heavy equipment can be made safer and easier for maintenance workers by better controlling the lubrication of the equipment.  This could refer to large mobile equipment or elevated conveyors.  All of the sort require regular maintenance in order to continue operations.

There are a few different preventative solutions out there. One is a centralized lubrication system, which supplies lubricant using a conventional lever gun. Another option would be a single-point automatic lubricator.  The single-point can automatically lubricate a single point for weeks (sometimes months) at a time.  The most efficient option is the automated lubrication system.  The system uses distribution lines that hook up to a grease pump to dispense small amounts of lubrication using the interval that is most efficient.  Any one of these options would improve safety and increase efficiency for maintenance.

Even the installation of a catwalk can make a difference in preventing an accident on the job.  Lubrication no longer requires the manual labor it once did.  For more information on prevention and safety, please see the MSHA's page by clicking here.

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