Automated Lubrication Systems

Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions is dedicated to providing the very best installations and service of Automated Lubrication Systems for your mobile heavy equipment and transportation fleets. We don't stop there either and provide the same valuable turnkey solutions on your fixed plant and industrial equipment. We are the Distributor for Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions in multiple states including Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming. For over 40 years Groeneveld has been one of the worlds leading and most reliable solutions manufacturer of Automated Lubrication Systems, Active Safety Systems, and IT Solutions.

Providing the best product for NLGI-2 grease applications the Groeneveld Twin and Twin XL dual line parallel systems are the premier choice for mobile applications. For most transportation applications the SingleLine EP0 is unmatched and for Onboard Oil Management whether it is stationary or mobile the Groeneveld Oilmaster reigns supreme.

For other manufactures of Automated Lubrication products our team of professionals offer service and support unmatched in the industry from repairs to parts replacement.



 XS CompAlube

    CompAlube XS

SingleLine EP0

      EP0 Single Line

 %20%20Eco Plus

          Eco Plus


         One Plus

TriPlus Pump

          Tri Plus

Twin 3 Pump


Twin 3 XL

          Twin XL

BreakAlube Pump


MultiLine FW

        MultiLine FW

MultiLine TL

        MultiLine TL

MultiLine TL

        MultiLine AXL

Greenlube Greases

   GreenLube Grease