Active and Passive Safety Equipment

Active and Passive Safety for equipment can be best explained this way. Active notifies and Passive is monitored. The example is on your wheel loader the back up alarm notifies people that you are in reverse and the mirrors allow you to see what is in their view. Many times we can marry to two together for optimum results.

Because of the vast application differences, we represent multiple technologies by multiple manufacturers for Vision, RFID, Radar, White Noise Directional, Ultrasonic, and onboard Equipment and Impact Management. Vision systems with a single camera or multi- cameras, infrared, wireless, or LWIR and SWIR are offered and supported and quite often integrated with other technologies such as radar and ultrasonic. We represent the best manufactures in the world such as:

  • Claitec Active RFID Systems
  • Orlaco Vision and Radar Systems
  • Preco Radar and Vision Systems
  • Groeneveld Greensight Ultrasonic and Camera Systems
  • Brigade White Noise Directional Warning Systems
  • SCAN~LINK RFID Systems

At Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions we are dedicated to providing you with the best option for your application. Please click on an image below for more information or give us a call.


  Sensor/Antenna Unit

 Scan~Link Vest

   RFID Tagged Vest

Scan~Link Hardhat


 RFID Tagged Hard Hat 

Scan~Link Display

Scan~Link Display Unit 

 Greensight with Camera

  Greensight Camera

 Orlaco Cameras Heavy Equipment

 Orlaco Camera System

 Orlaco Crane Systems

  Orlaco Crane Camera

 Orlaco Forklifts

     Orlaco Fork Lifts

 Orlaco Emergency Vehicle

     Orlaco Emerger

 Preco High Res


       Preco High Res

 WorkZone Preview


      Work Zone Prev

 Preview SAS


        Preview SAS

 Preview Plus

        Preview Plus


Pedestrian Alert System